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Colors sing, shapes dance

and wonder emerges…

Maria Termini creates joyful,

colorful, and earthy artworks that

witness wonder and reflect

reverence for the beauty of

nature.  She works in silkscreen,

watercolor, collage, acrylic, colored

pencil, fabric appliqué, and

mosaics. She delights in the

unique qualities of these

materials, as she improvises and

nurtures into existence images

from the deep well of her

imagination. She aspires to be

open to her inspiration and its

process which is often a struggle

on an unpredictable path but

always an adventure.

All art is copyright and may not be

reproduced without permission of

Maria Termini. Works are available

for sale and licensing. Contact

Maria Termini for prices, more

information, and to see more art.




Singing with Colors